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Demountable Derricks

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Generation Combustion offers a wide selection of flare support structures including demountable derricks for an elevated flare systems.

Typically, common demountable derricks support multiple flare risers/stacks. Demountable derricks allow the risers to be lowered along with their flare tips to grade for maintenance, inspection, or repair activities without the use of a crane.  Work at grade can take place without shutting down the other flares on the common derrick structure while the plant remains in operation. Customers benefit from minimum unit downtime and economic savings.  

Flare risers could be lowered to grade as a single piece or in flanged sections (using a track and guide system).

Demountable derricks are recommended for applications in which available plot space is limited due to existing process units and equipment. Demountable derricks have no limitations in regards to flare height and can exceed 200 m.

The cost of demountable derricks is generally significantly higher than guy-supported or self-supported, however demountable systems require a smaller plot space than guy-supported systems.

Generation Combustion offers demountable derricks with flare burners (tips), pilot ignition and control systems, knock-out drums and water seals.

Generation Combustion has the knowledge and experience to provide the most cost-effective demountable derricks flare system for your application.

Our engineers can provide the optimum demountable derricks technical guidance during erection and start-up.

Contact us today to have one of our specialists offer a solution for your operation and assess your needs for you to be fully compliant with global air quality regulations.