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Generation Combustion offers a wide selection of single and multi-nozzle sonic flare tips. Generation Combustion’s sonic flare tips use the energy of high pressure flare gas to achieve economical smokeless combustion without steam or gas assist. Sonic flare tips are used when the flare gas pressure is high enough to generate near sonic velocity at the flare tip exit point.

Instead of just one exit pipe, the gas is diverted into a many smaller diameter exit nozzles.  Each of these nozzles has multiple exit openings. The main gas stream is diverted into smaller gas streams for much larger flare gas to primary combustion air contact surface area, maximum air entrainment and improved gas/air mixing, resulting in improved overall flare tip performance and clean, efficient and smokeless combustion.

Generation Combustion’s sonic flare tips have a short, compact flame and provide high stability and high destruction efficiency, even with near sonic velocity at the tip exit point, as combustion occurs above the flare tip.

Generation Combustion offers long life single and multi-nozzle sonic flare tips with extremely stable and reliable electronic (spark ignited) flame front or dual ignition pilots and control systems.

Generation Combustion has the knowledge and experience to provide the most cost-effective sonic flare tips for your application.

Our engineers can also provide the optimum sonic flare tips technical guidance during erection and start-up.

Contact us today to have one of our specialists offer a solution for your operation and assess your needs to be fully compliant with global air quality regulations.