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Flare and Pilot Monitors

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Generation Combustion offers a wide range of flare and pilot monitors.

Our flare monitors utilize proven dual-wavelength technology to monitor the ratio of carbon to available oxygen deep within the hot flare flame. This ratio value correlates to combustion efficiency and is used to adjust the flow of air or steam to smokeless flares, thus assuring smoke-free operation and maximum combustion efficiency. The optical flare monitors are uninfluenced by flame size or position within the field of view and may be grade-mounted for easy access.

Our pilot monitors ensure your flare pilot stays reliably lit during the most severe conditions.

Thermocouples are the most common pilot flame-monitoring tool and provide instant, continuous and reliable pilot verification under any weather conditions. All Generation Combustion flare pilots equipped with single or dual/duplex thermocouples.

Optical pilot monitors utilize proven dual-wavelength technology to provide fast, reliable remote monitoring of the small pilot flame. This technology allows the pilot monitor to view clearly through severe weather conditions caused by fog, wind, rain and snow.

Generation Combustion has the knowledge and experience to provide the most cost-effective flare and pilot monitors for your application.

Our engineers can provide the flare and pilot monitors technical guidance during erection and start-up.

Contact us today to have one of our specialists offer a solution for your operation and assess your needs for you to be fully compliant with global air quality regulations.